SunnyD's on the scene!

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SunnyD's on the scene!

Post  SunnyDownslide on Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:22 pm

Sunny Downslide reporting to duty from 'sunny' Wales!
I'm Sunny Downslide, friends call me Sunny D, so call me Sunny D ^_^

I'll follow Rainbow Bomb, who followed -XXX-BOT- =P

Likes- Listening to music (Like everyone on here, DUUUH), FIRE!.... going about the different zones, doing stuff and role-playing (and not in THAT way ;D)
Dislikes- Wanting to do stuff and not being able to! Oh and people who stereotype

Past times- Just listening to music, being about the place =]

Apperance- I should be putting a REAL picture up soon, but for now I got an Manga one my sister drew of me =3

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