Posse Rules

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Posse Rules

Post  Dr. Deathdify on Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:50 am

Listen up you guys and gals as Dr. Deathdify drops the guide lines for this here Gitty up.

To Create your own posse-
-Create a topic looking for 4-5 people for a group. Dr. D will assume the one who makes the topic is the low down king of the posse.
-Once your group has been, let's say hooked Dr. D will approve and all you good boys and gals can get back to huntin' down the Vamploids like you should be gettin at.
-If I don't approve it right away, drop Dr. D a line and he'll help you out.
-Dr. Deathdify is here to help all you groovy kats, so he'll be dropping your leader some more info on what to do from there.

To join a posse-
-Comment in the topic, asking to join those hip kats and roll in their aftermath, but don't be too cry baby if you don't get accepted, many more groups to go around baby!

(Remember kids and kiddlettes, we're here to have fun and spread the word of Killjoy, so don't be a party pooper)

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